Carlson RT5 | RTk5 Fast, Rugged Tablets With Onboard GNSS (OptionCell US Model w/ SurvPC TS)

Carlson RT5 | RTk5 Fast, Rugged Tablets With Onboard GNSS (OptionCell US Model w/ SurvPC TS)


In the realm of geospatial technology, accuracy is not just a requirement; it’s the foundation upon which all successful projects are built. Recognizing this essential truth, The Carlson Guy proudly presents its latest innovation in precision and efficiency: the GNSS receiver software.

Elevate Accuracy to New Heights With Our GNSS Receivers

At the core of our GNSS receiver software lies high-accuracy GNSS positioning, a feature engineered to deliver unparalleled precision in location data. This capability ensures that every measurement captured is both exact and dependable, empowering users to conduct their work with confidence, regardless of the project’s complexity or scale.

The Power of Advanced Technology

Behind every feature of our GNSS receiver software is a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. This commitment ensures that users not only benefit from current innovations but are also positioned to adapt as new advancements emerge. By choosing The Carlson Guy’s GNSS receiver software, professionals are investing in a tool that evolves alongside the rapidly changing landscape of geospatial technology.

In conclusion, The Carlson Guy’s GNSS receiver software represents a significant leap forward in precision, efficiency, and flexibility for land surveying and GNSS-related activities. With its high-accuracy positioning, streamlined workflows, broad compatibility, and resilience against environmental challenges, this software stands as an indispensable asset for professionals striving for excellence in their field. Contact us today to make your purchase.

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Carlson RT5 | RTk5

Fast, Rugged Tablets With Onboard GNSS Option


The Carlson RT5 is a fast, ruggedized Windows® data collector designed for surveying, stake-out, construction layout and GIS mapping, and is bundled with Carlson SurvPC – the Windows-based data collection program. Optionally, the RT5 can run SurvPC with Esri OEM for use in the field. With 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, you can collect and analyze your data quicker than ever before.

The Carlson RTk5 adds an advanced GNSS solution to the RT5, allowing new levels of freedom and accuracy in a compact, light, versatile package. The Carlson RTk5 comes with a custom-built pole and cradle, a survey-grade antenna, a small portable helix antenna for handheld GNSS use, and provides an all-in-one solution for land surveyors, engineers, GIS professionals, and anyone else in need of advanced GNSS positioning with an RTK rover