CSI Mobile 6.0 Basic Total Station

CSI Mobile 6.0 Basic Total Station


Feature Highlights

Extensive and up-to-date vehicle spec database.

Quick Import feature imports field data and creates scene drawing in one step.

Points Editor allows users to edit point information and have the change occur in real time on computer screen.

Design Palette enables creation of custom function groups and keeps them readily available. It also provides quick access to placing symbols, hatches, and color fills.

Room Builder lets users create walls, doors, and windows and view the room in 3D. Walls can be created based off linework shot in the field. Walls, doors, and floors can be colored to match the scene.

Body Outline function allows you to draw a “chalk outline” style body. The body can be manipulated, including movement of arms, legs, and head, to fit the anatomy of a scene.


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